1. renstuff
2. 48ncrebs
3. sueellen
4. camtyben
5. primetimetim
1.TheGriper 02/02/2018
Been following ebay for few weeks now.
2.renstuff 10/14/2017
Paypal is the only thing interesting about this company
3.renstuff 10/18/2017
Sellers leaving
4.primetimetim 10/18/2017
Once it break 34.24 its Will fall down to 32. Q3 Earnings beat. Added 2M buyers across platforms. But shares tumble on weak outlook. I agree, they need to start taking care of their sellers....
5.primetimetim 04/26/2018
eBay Inc. Reports First Quarter 2018 Results
6.48ncrebs 02/06/2018
Filling the gap here
7.EquaFail 10/18/2017
Trying to compete with AMAZON. This article is painting a brighter light: The marketplace model of e-commerce is getting quite a bit more competitive.Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has roughly quadrupled its
8.primetimetim 04/19/2018
Citigroup raises price target to $58
9.48ncrebs 10/18/2017
Ebay's P/E 5.70 vs. Amazon P/E 252 I am liking $EBAY
10.EquaFail 02/21/2018
eBay's Lagging Stock Set To Rise On Revenue Growth
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