1. marketpulse01
2. IttyBitty
3. bob4033
4. justaflicker
1.justaflicker 01/16/2018
Cant believe this used to be a $400 stock in 2015
2.IttyBitty 09/29/2017
Makes Strategic Move {Link}
3.marketpulse01 10/23/2017
Great results, think it should head at least back to the 20s
4.marketpulse01 09/29/2017
A bunch in next couple qtr's for {Link}
5.bob4033 03/26/2018
Announces the first patient dosed in PREVENT, a Phase 2, multi-center study of subcutaneous exendin 9-39 in …
6.bob4033 01/16/2018
Lower. Closed at its low
7.IttyBitty 10/23/2017
Presented today...from AASLD's website:
8.justaflicker 01/16/2018
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