1. rushcomic
2. tgaller65
3. katlloyd7993
4. bearhums
1.katlloyd7993 05/08/2018
Cantor Fitzgerald sets PT at $7
2.tgaller65 01/24/2018
3.rushcomic 08/08/2018
Raises FY18 EPS to $2.50-2.60 from $2.15-2.55
4.tgaller65 10/27/2017
These Chinese stocks are risky
5.rushcomic 03/01/2018
Endo Obtains Preliminary Injunction Against QuVa Pharma, Inc. Preventing Marketing and Release of Vasopressin Product
6.rushcomic 09/28/2017
Falls 10% because GOLDMAN SACHS
7.rushcomic 01/25/2018
BIG DAY - Endo Agrees to FDA's Request to Seek Temporary Litigation Stay
8.bearhums 04/26/2018
Company has agreed to acquire
9.rushcomic 02/06/2018
Initiates two pivotal phase 3 Clinical Trials
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