1. sello
2. WayOfTheLIGHT
3. JimmyMcGill
4. BioTechBrains
5. BioElectrics007
1.sello 09/28/2017
@JimmyMcGill Guess I should have posted here as well. Yes the timing of this PR has me thinking we may see a major financing announcement within the next week. A little history. In late November of
2.sello 09/24/2017
ENDV prime candidate for FDA fast track eligibility
3.JimmyMcGill 09/19/2017
Share Structure Update September 18, 2017 A/S: 500,000,000 O/S: 277,780,25 Float: 136,839,843 O/S up approximately 4M, Float up 2.5M
4.sello 09/20/2017
@RobinFromTheHood Very interesting story behind Endonovos technology. It goes back to NASA research on antigravity and its effect on human cells. While observing the cells, above the atmosphere, they
5.RobinFromTheHood 10/05/2017
@sello Thanks! I am stil a bit of a rookie but am having fun so far :)
6.pennypinch11 09/29/2017
What a crazy week
7.Lazar8420 10/02/2017
I dont know about anyone else
8.lakehome45 11/10/2017
Better day today
9.aprilMay53343 09/28/2017
Post from Ihub about call to company
10.ChartTracks 09/21/2017
@sello Great post, how long have you been invested in endonova? Thanks in advance
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