1. acue4030
2. deniseg721
3. romanp476476
4. greg593
5. jrrr555
1.romanp476476 02/21/2018
Elbit Systems of America-Rockwell Collins Joint Venture to Incorporate Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems II into Republic of Korea F-16 Aircraft
2.acue4030 01/25/2018
Elbit systems' subsidiary in Australia awarded $150M contract to supply TLS Services to the ADF
3.hobbitz6 06/04/2018
Cyberbit Raises $30 Million Investment From Claridge Israel
4.acue4030 03/12/2018
Company to buy Uzi maker IMI for $520M
5.deniseg721 02/01/2018
great news - U.S. Customs and Border Protection Certifies Elbit Systems of America's In-fill Radar and Tower System
6.acue4030 01/29/2018
Cyberbit to Protect the Bank of Jerusalem From Advanced Cyberattacks With its Endpoint Detection and Response System
7.deniseg721 01/18/2018
Splendid news out today. $85 Million Contract
8.deniseg721 05/29/2018
Elbit Systems Reports First Quarter of 2018 Results
9.romanp476476 06/13/2018
Elbit Systems' Surgeon-Centered Visualization Spin-Off, Beyeonics, Raises $11.5 Million
10.deniseg721 05/17/2018
Enhancing Mission Effectiveness for U.S. Special Operations Forces: Elbit Systems of America Demonstrates Tomorrow's Advanced Technology Capabilities at SOFIC
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