1. pinkrose1986
2. renstuff
3. gizzi48
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5. tinawitty
1.renstuff 10/09/2017
Down6% in 2 days
2.gizzi48 02/06/2018
Inside Rx Provides Savings on Influenza Medications
3.pinkrose1986 02/07/2018
Express Scripts Reduces Employers' Annual Prescription Drug Spending Growth Rate to Historic Low in 2017
4.pinkrose1986 10/09/2017
Revenue flatline
5.pinkrose1986 01/12/2018
Safer Opioid Prescribing: Express Scripts Significantly Reduces Inappropriate Selection and Excessive Dispensing of Opioids for New Patients
6.pinkrose1986 05/01/2018
Regeneron and Sanofi to Lower Net Price of Praluent® (alirocumab) Injection in Exchange for Straightforward, More Affordable Patient Access for Express Scripts Patients
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