1. velvetjoneslives
2. dwright29
3. Altmedsresearch
4. lnor5420
5. cyberspacer
1.dwright29 09/24/2017
Some risk to wait for 5 yr follow-up study
2.Altmedsresearch 09/24/2017
Could be an interesting week
3.cyberspacer 08/13/2018
Am I missing something...
4.Altmedsresearch 09/25/2017
meh, most studies take a long time in this industry
5.velvetjoneslives 04/03/2018
Yesterday was horrid
6.velvetjoneslives 03/10/2018
ReShape Lifesciences Announces Agreement with Academy Medical to Provide ReShape Balloon and ReShape vBloc to Department of Defense Facilities
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