1. jhartzell7990
2. nickcartoons
3. dunnie36
4. stocksurfer
1.nickcartoons 01/08/2019
Exact Sciences to report $454-455M in total revenue, 71-percent growth for 2018
2.jhartzell7990 01/08/2018
Down 14% due to the news
3.dunnie36 03/22/2018
Mark Stenhouse to join Exact Sciences as President, Cologuard
4.dunnie36 01/29/2018
Goldman Sachs initiates as a neutral, $51PT
5.jhartzell7990 06/05/2018
Identifies blood-based DNA biomarker panel
6.jhartzell7990 02/26/2018
Cologuard® revenue increased 168 percent to $266 million
7.nickcartoons 08/22/2018
Canaccord Boosts Price Target on Exact Sciences (EXAS) as Pfizer Deal Marks Upside to the Top Line
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