1. shawngill0789
2. longswin
3. 21JumpStreet
4. icollectfables
5. patusodzb2y
1.icollectfables 02/07/2018
Misses EPS estimates by $0.05. Beats on revenues.
2.21JumpStreet 02/02/2018
Snore, its friday
3.21JumpStreet 10/03/2017
Renewable Energy Plant up
4.longswin 10/02/2017
Good company
5.shawngill0789 10/02/2017
Recently declared a dividend also
6.shawngill0789 02/07/2018
Same range basically
7.longswin 02/02/2018
Announces that Exelon Generation Company, LLC will permanently cease generation operations at Oyster Creek Ge…
8.shawngill0789 01/23/2018
We are back to a neutral
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