1. jmhboo476
2. 2291ed
3. loubou4511
4. fionaf7643
1.2291ed 06/05/2018
EXL Unveils Connected Intelligence Partners Program and startup incubator iEXLerator
2.loubou4511 02/27/2018
EXL invests in Corridor Platforms - a big data credit risk management platform
3.jmhboo476 05/01/2018
EXL deepens investment in Healthcare and Analytics by signing a definitive agreement to acquire payment integrity and population risk management company SCIOInspire Holdings, Inc.
4.loubou4511 07/02/2018
EXL closes the acquisition of SCIOInspire Holdings, Inc.
5.jmhboo476 02/27/2018
EXL Reports 2017 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results
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