1. taispringer
2. naberius7992
3. lyineyes
4. joestrades
5. troopersmith
1.troopersmith 02/09/2018
Anyone holding on? (-17.4%)
2.joestrades 02/09/2018
Shorters behind today.
3.naberius7992 11/06/2018
Booking Holdings misses by $0.40, beats on revenue
4.taispringer 02/09/2018
Let's not have another day like today. {Image}
5.lyineyes 04/04/2018
Expedia Group reaches an agreement to offer Air France KLM flights without GDS surcharge
6.taispringer 02/09/2018
Expedia Inc Earnings: The Bulls Are Getting Nervous
7.taispringer 03/22/2018
Mizuho Securities initiates coverage with Neutral rating
8.naberius7992 02/08/2018
Misses EPS estimates by $0.31 and misses on revenues
9.lyineyes 02/09/2018
Getting destroyed today
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