1. greatLegends45
2. cemtronix
3. erovenaeugene
4. francoisbolduc
5. m9rkeulv
1.cemtronix 10/03/2017
Weird, wasnt expecting hurricanes to affect, but guess more people need new cars... Buy more Fords {Link}
2.m9rkeulv 03/12/2018
Apr 10 puts
3.erovenaeugene 03/01/2018
Ford Motor February US sales -6.9% to 194K vehicles
4.erovenaeugene 04/25/2018
Ford Delivers First Quarter $1.7B Net Income, $2.2B Adj. EBIT; Fitness Actions Improve 2020 Outlook
5.7942boll 09/13/2018
Ford shares continue to decline as CEO Jim Hackett fails to reassure investors.
6.erovenaeugene 01/26/2018
Attention ER lovers:
7.zldmree 10/02/2018
When the Pain for General Motors and Ford Might End
8.cemtronix 01/25/2018
News hit?
9.francoisbolduc 07/30/2018
Ford has also announced it's seeking outside investors for its self-driving unit.
10.greatLegends45 01/15/2018
Ford teases all-electric 'Mach 1' SUV coming in 2020
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