1. TickerTalk44
2. 8Gates9Doors
3. marquesco01
4. blackopsstreet
5. sandraw7746
1.TickerTalk44 09/18/2017
Funds continue to buy
2.blackopsstreet 01/02/2018
News out. Wednesday, January 31, 2018 is earnings
3.sealedge 01/30/2018
Facebook Marketplace is shaping up to be a true eBay and Craigslist killer.
4.8Gates9Doors 01/17/2018
Why Facebook Stock Looks Like a Bargain
5.8Gates9Doors 01/29/2018
Always looking for opinions from pros
6.marquesco01 01/22/2018
Facebook Inc (FB) Execs Are Begging The EU To Stop Imposing Stiff Sanctions
7.TickerTalk44 10/28/2017
My guess
8.zhiggeOS29 03/30/2018
I Welcome these actions!
9.toyngamechest 01/29/2018
Down 1.77%
10.zhiggeOS29 03/20/2018
Going to get a lot more news
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