1. flowcobra
2. lakehome45
3. bezy5
4. rdjr2
5. eastcoaster
1.eastcoaster 10/18/2017
You like this better than $PLUG
2.bezy5 10/05/2017
What about electric, would think that tech would be better than this...
3.eastcoaster 10/05/2017
I will take $4
4.flowcobra 10/19/2017
Let's see if it breaks out of the triangle tomorrow.
5.eastcoaster 10/19/2017
6.lakehome45 10/05/2017
Return on fuel cells
7.rdjr2 10/19/2017
Some industry news: fuel cell car {Link}
8.flowcobra 10/05/2017
Could see a up trend for a while
9.flowcobra 10/05/2017
10.rdjr2 10/05/2017
Seems the cash flow is there to support upside. {Link}
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