1. natortirfoni
2. jmwells7999
3. Carpaticoma
4. brchucvfwurl
5. auctioneerhere2
1.katluvx 02/06/2018
2.jmwells7999 09/13/2018
Company to expand ground U.S. operations to 6 days a week
3.natortirfoni 02/15/2018
Court Affirms $178M Verdict Against Fedex By Texas Attorney Jim Scherr
4.natortirfoni 02/12/2018
5.Carpaticoma 01/28/2018
Fund manager says company should trade above the market's multiple considering the opportunity
6.auctioneerhere2 03/23/2018
Trumps plan to impose at least $50 billion in tariffs sent FedEx shares down the most in five years.
7.bjonesny31 09/17/2018
Misses EPS estimates by $0.36. Beats on revenues.
8.brchucvfwurl 06/19/2018
Beats EPS estimates by $0.23 and beats on revenues
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