1. maxgoh476
2. xicenturionix
3. pitbulldavid
1.xicenturionix 05/29/2018
Can we hold on after this news?
2.pitbulldavid 05/29/2018
4 sure,sad
3.maxgoh476 07/19/2018
Akers Biosciences Signs a Further Independent Sales Representative Organization for Heparin PF4 Rapid Test Covering Additional 12 States
4.maxgoh476 04/06/2018
Akers Biosciences Reports Earnings for Fiscal Year 2017
5.xicenturionix 10/08/2018
Akers Biosciences Announces a Leadership Change, Strategic Update, Legal Settlement and an AIM Update
6.maxgoh476 05/29/2018
Either case.... its going Lower!
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