1. flowcobra
2. ResearcherOfStocks
3. BuyHighSellLow
4. rudihorne
5. vote4amazon
1.flowcobra 10/10/2017
CEO just bought 9k shares after market.
2.ResearcherOfStocks 10/05/2017
Outlook for FDA Approval of Zilretta
3.rudihorne 04/18/2018
Flexion Therapeutics Announces Publication of Results from Pivotal Phase 3 Study of ZILRETTA® (triamcinolone acetonide extended-release injectable suspension) in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery
4.vote4amazon 02/01/2018
Berenberg initiates as a buy
5.BuyHighSellLow 10/10/2017
I sold last week in 31's
6.flowcobra 10/05/2017
Hits mid 30's Friday or Monday.
7.flowcobra 10/08/2017
Should should be good
8.BuyHighSellLow 10/05/2017
CEO has also made it clear that most OA knee patients will eventually need knee replacement surgery. 2nd line treatments delay it. Read this is you have a chance: {Link}
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