1. IttyBitty
2. rollingemdice
3. 007Bondsman
4. LisaLiving
5. ChemCritique
1.ChemCritique 11/04/2017
Not sure if I still trust this yet. They have a ton of companies under them, but all of the sub websites are half-baked, still not going to pull the trigger yet
2.rollingemdice 10/18/2017
Upcoming merger?
3.007Bondsman 11/04/2017
This was causing a stir Friday
4.IttyBitty 11/04/2017
5.LisaLiving 10/18/2017
Will have to do more research on the value of the company. 500m shares, so market cap already at 33 million
6.rollingemdice 10/18/2017
Solid buying
7.IttyBitty 10/18/2017
Yah, here is the list: {Link} Kinda looks to me like quantity over quality
8.willster76 10/18/2017
9.007Bondsman 10/18/2017
Validation of merger
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