1. johjugfkpvx8s2rv
2. skykat7990
3. aliciabonterre
4. tconvery7947
5. krosellini
1.johjugfkpvx8s2rv 01/26/2018
Another downgrade
2.tconvery7947 01/26/2018
Raymond James joins in
3.skykat7990 01/28/2018
JMP Securities raises PT to $54 from $41
4.skykat7990 02/28/2018
FortiGuard Artificial Intelligence (AI) Delivers Proactive Threat Detection at Machine Speed and Scale
5.johjugfkpvx8s2rv 01/23/2018
Downgraded today
6.johjugfkpvx8s2rv 04/03/2018
Fortinet to Announce First Quarter 2018 Financial Results
7.skykat7990 01/24/2018
Rebounded after this
8.johjugfkpvx8s2rv 02/06/2018
PT raised to $50 from $45
9.skykat7990 02/05/2018
Long awaited news. -
10.tconvery7947 02/06/2018
Fortinet Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2017 Financial Results
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