1. kzucco
2. 2017rogerthat
3. ryse447
4. teremcna
5. blackopsstreet
1.blackopsstreet 10/23/2017
Like contacts for your teeth
2.teremcna 02/07/2018
VP, Operations sold 45,780 shares at $260.08 worth $11.9 mln
3.teremcna 01/31/2018
Leerink Partners
4.blackopsstreet 01/02/2018
ER out on Jan 30th
5.2017rogerthat 04/25/2018
Receives approval from CFDA
6.2017rogerthat 01/30/2018
Beats EPS estimates by $0.23 and beats on revenues
7.DontGiveMeLip 10/23/2017
Want to buy but keep waiting....
8.spcbb76 01/29/2018
Other news: - Stifel Nicolaus raises price target to $295 from $265
9.teremcna 04/26/2018
Credit Suisse raises PT to $300 from $290
10.2017rogerthat 10/23/2017
2017 has been good to $ALGN
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