1. TexasBulldogs99
2. dangould67
3. wolfmanmike
4. bleecher98street
5. longswin
1.wolfmanmike 10/09/2017
Burst Bitcoin Bubble Wouldn't Burn Tech Stocks
2.longswin 12/18/2017
Bitcoin is going to hurt a lot of people
3.bleecher98street 11/30/2017
While I own a few shares
4.dangould67 10/09/2017
Since the Bitcoin ETF's are not being cleared by the SEC, this will get exposure to Bitcoin w/out buying Bitcoin!!! Bitcoin flying high! I prefer to trade GBTC because I want my money easily accessibl
5.wolfmanmike 10/05/2017
Quiet now as Bitcoin retraces after massive run. Close to oversold, so will rebound soon....
6.TexasBulldogs99 11/28/2017
Up 50% in 3 days
7.TexasBulldogs99 10/05/2017
Repeating pattern?
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