1. kwil89740
2. photomatt09
3. alirich795
4. 302jon
5. dnagil4585
1.alirich795 04/25/2018
General Dynamics Reports First-Quarter 2018 Results
2.photomatt09 01/12/2018
$GD news!! $1bil contract!
3.dnagil4585 02/18/2018
General Dynamics Mission Systems Awarded Contract for Continued Procurement of U.S. Navy Digital Modular Radio
4.socom7998 08/01/2018
General Dynamics Mission Systems awarded $3.9 bln Army contract with estimated completion date of Aug 24, 2023
5.photomatt09 02/12/2018
General Dynamics to Acquire CSRA for $9.6 Billion
6.photomatt09 03/26/2018
General Dynamics Awarded Contract to Synchronize U.S. Army Geospatial Technology Systems
7.alirich795 06/22/2018
Morgan Stanley cuts PT to $207 from $215
8.dnagil4585 03/20/2018
CSRA and General Dynamics reach agreement to increase merger consideration to $41.25/share in cash (from $40.7…
9.kwil89740 04/18/2018
General Dynamics Selected to Support the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command
10.dnagil4585 03/19/2018
General Dynamics to Proceed With All Cash Offer to Acquire CSRA
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