1. WayOfTheLIGHT
2. industrialgeneral
3. alertme2times
4. kaixinz79
5. nahi2
1.kaixinz79 11/15/2017
You think another company is accumulating? Doesnt seem to be just retail. Additionally, $GOVX seems to be putting out more releases lately. Bought 25k yesterday on the pullback
2.industrialgeneral 11/16/2017
Chart looking nice!
3.alertme2times 11/16/2017
Check out what they have going for them
4.nahi2 11/16/2017
What is that in share price then? You thinking a 10-20x bagger here!
5.blackopsstreet 11/16/2017
Zika at 100%
6.nahi2 11/16/2017
Picked up some at .10
7.blackopsstreet 11/15/2017
Hey @WayOfTheLight How long you been in this? Saw you in a couple other stocks I have and found this stock.
8.industrialgeneral 11/15/2017
Last couple weeks
9.industrialgeneral 11/15/2017
52week high today
10.alertme2times 11/15/2017
And many of the buy blocks are big, like 100k - 250k Haven't seen this in this stock before.
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