1. narco20
2. memnoch4109
3. brianp3120
4. giysgifts49
5. easttx4532
1.memnoch4109 08/23/2018
Gap stock falls as sales at flagship stores falter
2.brianp3120 05/25/2018
Gap Shares Drop After Hours on Disappointing Earnings, Weak Comps
3.narco20 03/18/2018
Barrons believes Old Navy stores could be a catalyst to lift the stock price by 25%
4.narco20 08/27/2018
A top and bottom line beat wasnt enough to appease investors.
5.memnoch4109 09/24/2018
The retailer is launching a premium activewear brand next month.
6.narco20 03/26/2018
Director sells 500,000 shares at $31.59-32.36 worth $16,048,811
7.narco20 02/20/2018
President and CEO of Gap brand will leave the company
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