1. etbubba
2. blkforestknight
3. jsum11
4. industrialgeneral
5. 747otis
1.jsum11 03/02/2018
Gravity Provides an Investor Presentation
2.blkforestknight 02/04/2018
Gravity Reports Preliminary 4Q 2017 Results and Business Updates
3.etbubba 10/17/2017
They have one great game but it's very old. Only 1.4m float, 50% insider owned... no wonder this thing moves so easily....
4.industrialgeneral 10/17/2017
What is driving this stock so much?
5.blkforestknight 02/05/2018
Sees Q4 revenues +285.8% YoY to KRW 67.5 bln
6.etbubba 07/30/2018
News to come.
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