1. mrwhtwabbit
2. emielnl
3. codcoleu1ou0m4sl
4. ree222
5. dimespent
1.emielnl 03/07/2018
Reports new clinical data demonstrate high vaccine efficacy of Fluarix Tetra in children 6-35 months of age
2.dimespent 04/03/2018
US FDA accepts Biologics license application for moxetumomab pasudotox in hairy cell leukemia
3.ree222 03/09/2018
Announces positive EU Approval for labelling update to Relvar Ellipta in patients with Asthma
4.mrwhtwabbit 02/07/2018
Going for the throat
5.codcoleu1ou0m4sl 01/25/2018
Johnson & Johnson has pulled out of the race to buy Pfizer's consumer health business, leaving GlaxoSmithKli…
6.mrwhtwabbit 07/25/2018
Reports negative outcome of the FDA Advisory Committee on mepolizumab for the treatment of COPD patients on m…
7.mrwhtwabbit 02/15/2018
Receives European approval for expanded indication for Fluarix Tetra (Influenza Vaccine) for ages six months …
8.emielnl 02/07/2018
GlaxoSmithKlines Bexsero receives Breakthrough Therapy Designation from FDA
9.mrwhtwabbit 02/07/2018
Good beat.
10.emielnl 03/23/2018
Shingrix approved in Europe and Japan for the prevention of shingles in adults aged 50 and over
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