1. SaulGoodman
2. kaixinz79
3. ccndy2
4. kevincoyle666
5. beachgirlxoxo
1.kaixinz79 09/30/2017
BEST presentation showing how far ahead GW is.
2.SaulGoodman 02/13/2018
Cannabinoids Lead to Marijuana Biotech Boom
3.kaixinz79 02/05/2018
Survived today
4.SaulGoodman 09/30/2017
Drug was good, BUT GW far ahead. {Image}
5.ccndy2 04/17/2018
FDA releases briefing docs ahead of April 19 AdCom on cannabidiol oral solution
6.kevincoyle666 06/25/2018
GW Pharma (GWPH) Stock Gets Price-Target Hike Following FDA Approval
7.SaulGoodman 09/29/2017
That other drug wont be out for years i would guess
8.SaulGoodman 02/05/2018
You bet
9.ccndy2 05/08/2018
10.beachgirlxoxo 02/28/2018
GW Pharmaceuticals Receives Orphan Drug Designation from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for Cannabidiol for the Treatment of Tuberous Sclerosis
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