1. STANZ6789
2. whackvet
3. DayOneToday
4. scoutmastereagle
5. longswin
1.longswin 10/23/2017
Unpredictable during ER, scheduled for the tomorrow
2.DayOneToday 02/08/2018
Up and down chart
3.STANZ6789 11/10/2017
Consolidation will occur. The last time $HAS offered 33/shr. for Mattel (when $MAT was at mid 20s).
4.whackvet 10/23/2017
Reports before the open Monday and is coiled to break higher
5.STANZ6789 02/07/2018
This company isn't one to be rating off
6.whackvet 01/26/2018
Toys "R" Us is shutting down 180 stores, or about one-fifth of its locations in the U.S., as part of its ba…
7.STANZ6789 02/06/2018
Davidson analyst Linda Bolton Weiser expects harsh effects on Hasbro's quarterly numbers
8.STANZ6789 01/30/2018
Stifel Nicolaus cuts PT to $97 from $100
9.xuxaparkus 04/23/2018
The company was expected to take a hit
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