1. ggordon100
2. blackopsstreet
3. willmaoxo
4. clcrerewr0ea0uau
5. alertme2times
1.blackopsstreet 09/29/2017
This is going to be everywhere starting next yr
2.joystoocutedesig 05/14/2018
Cramer's game plan: Strong consumer spending could drive upside surprises
3.blackopsstreet 09/29/2017
45 degree angle the last 2 years {Image}
4.clcrerewr0ea0uau 05/14/2018
Citigroup raises price target to $78 from $70
5.willmaoxo 05/02/2018
Cramer's lightning round: Get out of Hi-Crush before you get crushed
6.ggordon100 09/28/2017
new high .. $3B buyback is a lot to drive price higher
7.ggordon100 02/14/2018
Earnings !
8.willmaoxo 09/28/2017
Applied Materials Touted For Upbeat Guidance, Stock Buyback Plan
9.ggordon100 09/29/2017
A.I. leadership
10.alertme2times 09/28/2017
why is $AMAT only 10% of my portfolio... grrr
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