1. tybuy84
2. rirrgr3ceospl5kc
3. ieindigoeast
4. fredeugenewillia
5. shverb
1.tybuy84 03/23/2018
The Mad Money host analyzed both stocks, and he walked away in Home Depts camp.
2.fredeugenewillia 08/16/2018
Home Depot Seen Falling More Despite Earnings Beat
3.ieindigoeast 02/16/2018
Home Depot is the third-worst performer
4.ieindigoeast 02/18/2018
Home Depot is one of the few big companies still yet to report Q4 earnings.
5.rirrgr3ceospl5kc 05/14/2018
A late start to spring
6.rirrgr3ceospl5kc 02/15/2018
Home Depot to hire over 80,000 seasonal workers, in-line with last years actions.
7.shverb 09/13/2018
Technical analysts see more room to run for HD
8.tybuy84 05/15/2018
was able to beat on earnings in Q1, but revenue was a miss.
9.tybuy84 06/11/2018
$HD anticipates strong balance sheet plays will outperform as other companies pile on debt.
10.fredeugenewillia 02/21/2018
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