1. 813kimd
2. vincekim
3. terrynkids
4. jehorstbuilder
5. scribemaster
1.813kimd 11/07/2017
These were thee best movie theatres in the 80s and early 90s. It will take 300% to get back to early year prices
2.jehorstbuilder 07/12/2018
Imperial Capital initiates as an outperform, $23PT
3.scribemaster 02/21/2018
AMC Theatres® Crosses 12 Million AMC Stubs Member Households Giving Insight into More Than 30 Million American Movie-Goers
4.vincekim 09/29/2017
Why is this dogging?
5.vincekim 11/07/2017
Another loss, these guys need MoviePass
6.rushcomic 09/28/2017
Moviepass may hurt, may not
7.terrynkids 02/21/2018
shot across the bow at moviepass?
8.813kimd 09/29/2017
Again AMC is the king of the Theatre business controls the world market And owns wanda theaters chinas largest theatre chain and odeon europes largest theatre chain
9.813kimd 09/28/2017
$HMNY not even $100M mkt cap company yet.
10.terrynkids 04/04/2018
Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund's Development & Investment Entertainment Company Signs Agreement with AMC
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