1. WayOfTheLIGHT
2. tcl2015
3. GoldTrader
4. eTruth
5. whackvet
1.ResearchKing 12/04/2017
Not a bad day compared to other tech stocks
2.bon0la440 02/18/2018
Subscription movie ticket service MoviePass already has signed up 2M subscribers
3.lynymark 12/07/2017
Think about this
4.BillyMadison 10/19/2017
Key players involved
5.SPICKS100 01/18/2018
6.StockCats12 11/17/2017
Subs, data sell, streaming, concessions, deals and many more.This is huge and there is big bucks behind it.Love how they can turn on and off the debit card
7.elitebio30 02/08/2018
Lots of shorts in this
8.house888flipper 11/20/2017
Longs be like
9.er09 11/06/2017
10.bon0la440 11/09/2017
83% float shorted.
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