1. jmy1sb
2. kwat7698
3. kdavis2573
4. johnsod49
5. pie7sweet
1.johnsod49 07/24/2018
getting rocked by tariff-related cost increases.
2.jmy1sb 06/25/2018
President Trump tweets about Harley-Davidson
3.johnsod49 02/06/2018
Harley has a major age gap problem with its high-priced products, and it's running out of time to fix it.
4.pie7sweet 06/28/2018
tariff flap could impact its plans.
5.pie7sweet 07/05/2018
The president remains less than pleased with the companys decision to shift some production overseas.
6.kwat7698 01/30/2018
Reports Q4 EPS of $0.05. Beats on revenues.
7.johnsod49 01/22/2018
We got an upgrade today
8.kwat7698 02/26/2018
Harley will launch its first-ever EV next year, which it hopes will bring younger buyers back to the brand.
9.kdavis2573 04/16/2018
William Blair expects seasonal sales decline in Q1 in part due to colder temps; limited share downside with s…
10.jmy1sb 07/24/2018
Motorcycles segment operating margin as a percent of revenue to be approximately 9 to 10 percent
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