1. littlewonmaidofi
2. clikks
3. ltxguy6100
4. chulwus
1.ltxguy6100 01/30/2018
Whoa!! {Image}
2.clikks 03/27/2018
Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Issued Composition Patent for Non-Opioid Conscious Sedation Formulation
3.chulwus 05/30/2018
ImprimisRx's Dropless® Steroid and Antibiotic Intravitreal Injection Featured in the Prestigious Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
4.clikks 01/30/2018
Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Now Making Available Two Glaucoma Drugs on FDA's Drug Shortage List
5.littlewonmaidofi 01/26/2018
Imprimis Pharmaceuticals is Issued DEA Manufacturer Certificate for its 503B Outsourcing Facility
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