1. deurbroucq
2. indiaromeo879
3. 395cougar
4. tconvery7947
1.395cougar 02/06/2018
Whoa!! Good start
2.indiaromeo879 02/08/2018
3.indiaromeo879 05/29/2018
Jefferies cuts to underperform
4.deurbroucq 01/24/2018
Citigroup cuts PT to $7.50 from $8.50
5.tconvery7947 05/10/2018
stinks for INFN holders ouch :(
6.deurbroucq 02/06/2018
William Blair reiterates Outperform rating
7.indiaromeo879 02/08/2018
luv it!
8.deurbroucq 02/08/2018
closing up 29.86%.
9.deurbroucq 02/08/2018
Nice if we can close a few more!
10.indiaromeo879 02/07/2018
a couple beats here
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