1. chooseAside
2. SebastianXL
3. aceinvestor
4. lakehome45
5. snugglss44
1.lakehome45 10/02/2017
Breaking out of a 17 YEAR BASE. Monthly and weekly RSI plenty of room to run! 52 week high. Highest price since early 2000s. Not sure about all time tho
2.lakehome45 01/04/2018
Fixing the problems fast
3.aceinvestor 10/02/2017
Is it the Mobile Eye purchase that got us there? $50 by year end
4.SebastianXL 10/23/2017
Earnings this week, expecting $45 if good
5.chooseAside 09/28/2017
Chip makers are hot right now
6.SebastianXL 10/02/2017
Look at weekly, this is a huge breakout here.
7.chooseAside 01/09/2018
Anyone need something uplifting lol?
8.aceinvestor 10/02/2017
Apple moving away?
9.aceinvestor 01/10/2018
Jim Cramer on Self-Driving Car Chips: It's Nvidia vs. Intel
10.snugglss44 01/26/2018
I expect more analysts to jump on
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