1. 20forMSFT
2. SebastianXL
3. aprilMay53343
4. overlordbrooks
5. technopyro
1.SebastianXL 02/09/2018
oh ya?
2.aprilMay53343 02/08/2018
PRICE: $23.05 CHANGE: 3.05 (15.3%)
3.overlordbrooks 06/18/2018
ION and Greensea announce joint marketing agreement to provide subsea vehicle navigation solutions for offshore and military markets
4.technopyro 02/08/2018
LOL! Someone got luck buying this mornings dip
5.20forMSFT 02/07/2018
Reports Q4 adj. EPS of $0.38 vs. a Q4 2016 loss of $0.99. Reports Q4 revs of $57.9 mln.
6.20forMSFT 02/08/2018
I added some more today
7.20forMSFT 11/05/2017
I am with 10 Calls here
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