1. catalystcrusin
2. fullerfamily03
3. videoGURU
4. purpledeedee247
5. txrdr46
1.fullerfamily03 04/10/2018
Company has licensed IONIS-AZ6-2.5-LRx to AstraZeneca following advancement of the drug into development
2.videoGURU 01/25/2018
Biogen reported Q4 Spinraza sales +34% Q/Q to $363 mln, above estimates (Biogen markets the drug for Ionis)
3.indevur4 03/01/2018
Presents positive top-line data from a completed Phase 1/2 study of IONIS-HTTRx in people with early stage H…
4.indevur4 05/04/2018
Ionis Reports First Quarter 2018 Financial Results
5.purpledeedee247 05/11/2018
Confirms FDA Advisory Committee
6.catalystcrusin 10/17/2017
They need to pound the table on this.... Akcea Presents Data Demonstrating Significant Burden of Illness in Familial Chylomicronemia Syndrome {Link}
7.catalystcrusin 04/19/2018
Presentations at the 2018 American Academy of Neurology Highlight the Broad Potential of Antisense Drugs for Neurological Diseases
8.fullerfamily03 03/02/2018
IONIS-HTT Rx (RG6042) Top-Line Data Demonstrate Significant Reductions of Disease-Causing Mutant Huntingtin Protein in People with Huntington's Disease
9.purpledeedee247 04/20/2018
Biogen and Ionis expand strategic collaboration to develop drug candidates for a broad range of neurological…
10.fullerfamily03 04/24/2018
Biogen reported Q1 Spinraza sales flat Q/Q at $364 mln vs. ests near $380 mln
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