1. PortfolioPaulie87
2. aceinvestor
3. ItsNewman
4. SebastianXL
5. vasilateanu
1.aceinvestor 10/03/2017
They are moving fast!
2.jslaner1v4z 02/01/2018
Amazon's report tonight will boast about record holiday sales, but its AWS guidance and margins will be eve…
3.PortfolioPaulie87 01/28/2018
Leerink report indicates Amazon's pharma team has swelled five-fold over the past year or so.
4.SebastianXL 01/17/2018
AMZN is becoming a darling
5.johnmaur48111 01/25/2018
I doubled up
6.SebastianXL 02/01/2018
AI info
7.PortfolioPaulie87 01/23/2018
Cramer: Buy Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN) On Prime Monthly Price Hike
8.aceinvestor 02/05/2018
Would they allow this?
9.zhiggeOS29 02/06/2018
Report that Amazon is considering a stronger move into parcel delivery - Capital Forum
10.PortfolioPaulie87 04/03/2018
The tech giant has sparked the ire of the president, and concerns are growing that could lead to some change…
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