1. aceinvestor
2. PortfolioPaulie87
3. ItsNewman
4. vasilateanu
5. jslaner1v4z
1.aceinvestor 10/03/2017
They are moving fast!
2.jslaner1v4z 02/01/2018
Amazon's report tonight will boast about record holiday sales, but its AWS guidance and margins will be eve…
3.PortfolioPaulie87 01/28/2018
Leerink report indicates Amazon's pharma team has swelled five-fold over the past year or so.
4.SebastianXL 01/17/2018
AMZN is becoming a darling
5.johnmaur48111 01/25/2018
I doubled up
6.snoruiz 01/19/2018
Amazon is raising its monthly Prime membership monthly rate
7.SebastianXL 02/01/2018
AI info
8.jslaner1v4z 01/26/2018
Amazon's cloud business has acquired Sqrrl, a cybersecurity start-up that spun out of the National Security…
9.ItsNewman 02/02/2018
That is the highest I have seen yet!
10.aceinvestor 10/05/2017
Amazon Says Echo Devices Will be Available in more countries
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