1. eastcoaster
2. WayOfTheLIGHT
3. StockCats12
4. lukie25
5. thenutbreaker
1.eastcoaster 11/10/2017
11/08/17 IZEA upgraded to a buy!
2.eastcoaster 10/01/2017
IZEA Reports Seven-Figure Contract with Fortune 500 Company
3.StockCats12 09/25/2017
Such a small float this could be dangerous, 5M OS?
4.lukie25 10/01/2017
Oh I’ll be getting involved here alright Lot of growth potential it looks like. $100 stock in 2 years? Just got a hold of all their press releases. https://izea.com/category/press-releases/
5.thenutbreaker 09/25/2017
I'm betting this opens above $5 tomorrow.
6.Nickpickticker29 09/25/2017
Here is the video, does look convincing {Video}
7.StockCats12 09/24/2017
Doesnt $APPL already have this tech in their new phones?
8.TheGriper 09/24/2017
AR is going to be huge, but there will also be a lot of people who use it as a buzz word for marketing....
9.lukie25 11/10/2017
ER seems to turn things around a bit
10.thenutbreaker 09/24/2017
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