1. MamisTrist
2. willmaoxo
3. bensynergy
4. willster76
5. lilschmoozer
1.MamisTrist 02/05/2018
JD.com plans to challenge Amazon in Europe
2.MamisTrist 11/10/2017
Wonder when US is going to get this, seems too good for US companies to not want a similar "holiday" lol
3.willmaoxo 09/30/2017
Someone sold a lot of shares at the close. Huge. This could go down even more... Thank goodness for 4 o clock. I hope this thing shows some strength next week... had enough of this 2 week slide Wond
4.willster76 11/10/2017
China's 'Singles Day' Will Hit Around $25 Billion; Here's A Fund That Benefits Bigly
5.willmaoxo 11/10/2017
The advertisement spending was huge last time... lets see what makes this different this time
6.bensynergy 11/10/2017
ER Monday
7.willmaoxo 09/29/2017
How many days in a row will this be?!
8.willster76 09/29/2017
Great service, quality and products when compared to BABA, AND backed by Tencent. Problem is $BABA has VERY deep pockets, almost daily partnerships, accelerating on o2o. They even have their own trav
9.bensynergy 01/31/2018
$JD BUYING NEWS - Sanford C. Bernstein reiterates Market Perform rating; PT raised to $47 from $40
10.MamisTrist 01/26/2018
Another great day!
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