1. trck4772
2. rpa0
3. papanours4530
4. heroinfrogg
5. nuclearwill
1.papanours4530 03/20/2018
JinkoSolar and Asunim Turkey Complete the Largest Solar Power Plant in the Aegean Region
2.rpa0 02/02/2018
3.papanours4530 06/04/2018
Roth Capital cuts to sell, down 9%
4.trck4772 01/29/2019
JinkoSolar Creates New Testing Standard for Anti-LeTID Properties in Solar Cells and Showed Impressive Performance with its own Products
5.rpa0 04/10/2018
JinkoSolar Supplies Modules for America's Largest Solar PV Plant in Mexico
6.rpa0 02/21/2018
JinkoSolar Announces Full Exercise of Over-allotment Option in Follow-on Offering
7.trck4772 01/26/2018
JinkoSolar Announces Termination of At-The-Market Offering Program
8.trck4772 02/05/2018
9.trck4772 02/07/2018
Prices 3.6 mln share ADS follow-on offering, each representing 4 shares of the co, at $18.15/ADS
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