1. BollingerBands
2. BuyHighSellLow
3. healthandliving2
4. 3767frank
5. robertobritice
1.BuyHighSellLow 09/13/2017
@BollingerBands ya, it's crazy too cause it's not even confirmed... CNBC, citing unnamed sources, said that private equity firm Leonard Green & Partners could partner with the Nordstrom family on a
2.BollingerBands 09/12/2017
Nordstrom up 11% on (potentially) going private
3.BuyHighSellLow 05/18/2018
delivered better-than-expected results,
4.robertobritice 01/23/2018
Say it aint so: Downgrade News
5.healthandliving2 02/26/2018
Reports the Nordstrom family
6.healthandliving2 05/29/2018
Nordstrom is betting that technology
7.BollingerBands 03/01/2018
Nordstroms family is having trouble lining up financing for its bid to take Nordstrom private - NY POst
8.healthandliving2 03/09/2018
Nordstrom Announces Investments In Digital Technology
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