1. AaronFrasier
2. vasilateanu
3. shawngill0789
4. industrialgeneral
5. MamisTrist
1.shawngill0789 09/25/2017
Probably will slowly continue up until ER Reporting 12/19
2.MamisTrist 09/24/2017
What are your thoughts on KMX as per this coming week?
3.industrialgeneral 09/25/2017
Tomorrow's outlook
4.industrialgeneral 09/25/2017
Seeing a lot of volume lately. Happy with the earnings.
5.AaronFrasier 01/26/2018
Credit Suisse reiterates Outperform rating; PT lowered to $71.50 from $83
6.AaronFrasier 02/15/2018
Cautious sell side shop commentary
7.shawngill0789 09/24/2017
Good for a long term play
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