1. tjgasman
2. kzucco
3. eddiebaez
4. doughwd23
1.eddiebaez 12/27/2017
2.eddiebaez 09/28/2017
Carbon credit rule
3.kzucco 10/11/2017
A lot of shorts on stocktwits yacking bout how all chinese companies are scams. Not sure if they believe that or just duhhhhhhh
4.doughwd23 09/28/2017
Looking good! {Image} Coiled spring and this goes higher.
5.tjgasman 10/03/2017
Bullish from now on until $20 esp if we get manufacture license. Sales will always be king with Kandi.... add to that a international channel and they get huge.
6.doughwd23 10/05/2017
Would like to see consolidation in the 7s
7.tjgasman 09/28/2017
Institutions buying
8.MAJDAVARAN 09/13/2017
Used to be into Kandi
9.PortfolioPaulie87 10/12/2017
they rely on government hand outs...
10.tjgasman 10/03/2017
Is $TSLA there? thought they tried but failed. They dont care about the looks of cars when they have billions living in 1 city... they want utility, Kandi has that
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