1. ghueck
2. kingsnymptonps
3. ccaseyrn7
4. jadeone11
5. gojeck
1.ccaseyrn7 01/25/2018
They get cash to work on their other targets
2.ghueck 03/15/2018
Misses EPS loss estimates by $0.15. Beats on revenues.
3.ccaseyrn7 01/25/2018
ah huh.
4.kingsnymptonps 01/25/2018
Heading North.
5.jadeone11 01/26/2018
Any problems here?
6.kingsnymptonps 01/25/2018
$KPTI NEWS! Big money!
7.gojeck 01/25/2018
Awesome news!
8.ghueck 01/26/2018
Been 2 good days now an offering
9.ghueck 05/01/2018
Leerink Partners reiterates
10.kingsnymptonps 01/25/2018
If this gets over 11.5
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