1. vincekim
2. lbog8020
3. tcl2015
4. 6210johnd
5. flowcobra
1.flowcobra 11/02/2017
I like these guys, in at $8 Largest business unit: satellite communication, cyber, tech & training. lots of new contract awards in the tens of millions.
2.tcl2015 11/02/2017
loss of $4.3 million in its third quarter tho
3.tcl2015 01/31/2018
Kratos High Performance Unmanned Aerial Drone Systems Successfully Complete Multiple Customer Missions
4.tcl2015 01/18/2018
They are staying busy
5.vincekim 11/13/2017
ER results
6.lbog8020 02/28/2018
Securitas Agrees to Acquire Kratos Public Safety and Security Division
7.mil4bas 03/22/2018
Kratos and Orbital ATK Missile Products Division Reaffirm Kratos' Oriole Rocket Motor Exclusive Rights Agreement
8.6210johnd 07/16/2018
Kratos Receives 10-Year Sole Source, Single Award International Framework Contract from QinetiQ UK for High Performance Unmanned Aerial Jet Target Drone Systems
9.lbog8020 01/26/2018
10.6210johnd 01/29/2018
Kratos Opens Oklahoma Design and Production Facilities
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