1. cemtronix
2. dacuddlefeesh
3. cvinciguerra
4. pennypinch11
5. mybiscuit
1.cvinciguerra 05/10/2018
LendingClub stock soars after earnings as analysts cheer improvements in marketing, operational efficiency
2.cemtronix 04/25/2018
The FTC has filed a complaint against LendingClub,
3.pennypinch11 11/07/2017
LendingClub reports 3Q loss
4.mybiscuit 04/25/2018
LendingClub Responds to Federal Trade Commission Complaint
5.dacuddlefeesh 02/20/2018
in @4.11 - reflex move, good opp here
6.cvinciguerra 02/20/2018
Sees Q1 revs of $145-155 mln vs. $158.58 mln
7.cemtronix 11/07/2017
Does anyone think CEO is worth over $11,000,000?
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