1. stephen6193
2. mlh7244
3. wbuc4229
4. vdo2779
5. wheels637nd
1.vdo2779 02/08/2018
People finally wised up and hopefully saved alot
2.wheels637nd 02/08/2018
not cool market, not cool {Image}
3.mlh7244 02/27/2018
Sees FY18 EPS of $6.00-7.00 vs. $5.93
4.mlh7244 02/06/2018
LGI Homes, Inc. Reports January 2018 Home Closings
5.wbuc4229 02/08/2018
LGI Homes Introduces Townhomes in Nashville Market
6.stephen6193 04/04/2018
LGI Homes, Inc. Reports March and First Quarter 2018 Home Closings
7.teremcna 05/08/2018
LGI Homes, Inc. Reports First Quarter 2018 Results
8.vdo2779 07/06/2018
Reports June closings increased 2.2% YoY
9.stephen6193 03/07/2018
Reports Feb home closings increased 64% YoY
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